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Capital Projects

When considering a renovation project, funded by the Dean's Office or other sources, the capital projects coordinator is available to:

  • Assist in determining specific space and use requirements to define the scope of the project;

  • Establish appropriate Capital Projects & Facilities Management (CP&FM) contacts to get the project started, including obtaining estimates, contracting the design and trade professionals required, and consulting the relevant regulatory agencies;
  • Work with your department as a facilitator and resource during all phases of design and construction.

For additional information please contact Bonnie Maler, 476-8079. For financial information, if the project is funded by the Dean's Office, contact Warren Hom, 514-2353.

Sample forms:

  1. Budget worksheet
  2. Budget revision
  3. Project Budget Agreement Form
  4. SOM Electronic Funding Request
  5. SOM Departments
  6. SOM Work Request Form for CPFM
  7. Preparation of Funding Documents for Campus-Managed Capital Projects
  8. Preparation of Funding Documents for Capital Projects Managed by the Medical Center